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Money-saving Vacation Tips

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Vacations are Becoming More Expensive

Airborne Plane from inside Airport

Everyone is Taking to the Skies

Have you tried pricing air for a Summer or Fall vacation?  If you have, then you know that the prices are sky high.  Why are airline prices so high?  One word: Demand. Using money-saving vacation tips will help you score the trip of your dreams.

The demand for flights is on the rise.  This coincides with the increase in gasoline prices.  So the problem is not solved by driving.    According to the International Air Transport Association, demand for flights is expected to increase through 2017.  Ouch!

In 2013, airlines carried more than 3 billion passengers.  By 2017, that figure is projected to rise to 3.91 billion.

Hotel Bed n Pillows

More Hotels Needed due to Demand

Also, hotel construction was considerably slower during the last recession.  Construction has only recently returned to 2009 levels. This means as demand increases, the available inventory of rooms is unable to keep pace with the number of travelers. You end up with too few rooms for too many vacationers.

So, what’s a would-be vacationer to do?  Use some of these money-saving vacation tips to help you keep your travel costs in check.

  • Book Early – Decide where you’d like to go on vacation, then book the trip.

    Booking Airline Tickets

    Be Prepared to Book

  • Alerts – Sign up for price alerts from your preferred airline carrier.  Then, be ready to book immediately if you see a bargain.
  • Travel Agent – Contact your travel agent and find out what destinations offer the best pricing.  Then, your agent can plan and book your vacation based on their knowledge of pricing deals, popularity of various destinations and special offers from their list of top suppliers.


Flexible Travel Dates

Aim for Flexible Travel Dates

  • Flexibility – Whenever possible, try to schedule a range of dates for vacation.  If you have a bit of flexibility with your departing and returning dates, you may be able to take advantage of slower than normal periods where hotels and airlines offer discounts on destinations and flight, respectively.


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