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Re-purposing Easter Eggs

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Colored Easter Eggs

Coloring Easter Eggs

Recipes for Using Easter Eggs after the Hunt

When I was a kid, my sister Pam and I would color eggs for Easter.  Then, my family would hide them and I’d run around the house trying to find them.

Whenever I’d get close to uncovering a hidden egg, my big brother would say, “You are getting warmer.  No, now colder. Okay warmer again.”  Then, finally I’d discover the egg and place it into my Easter basket.

I don’t know what my mom did with all of those hard-boiled eggs after the hunt.  After a day or two of egg-salad sandwiches for lunch, I’m sure she tossed them into the trash, not wanting to subject the family to more of the same.

Re-purposed Easter Egg Menu

New Uses for Easter Eggs

So, if the thought of eating hard-boiled Easter eggs for the next four days has you regretting your kind act of coloring them, you are not alone.  Here are some great recipes for re-purposing all of those brightly colored eggs.



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