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90-point Wine under $50

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90-point Wine Argentina Malbec

90-point wine from Mendoza, Argentina

Old Vine Malbec from Argentina


Argentina makes some great wines at bargain prices.  And no, I’m not just talking about their Malbec.  But more on those later. Good wine doesn’t have to set you back $100.  This winemaker has found a way to an offer exceptional wine but at a fraction of the cost to what many of their peers are charging.

I’m on a mission to find 90-point wines under $50 that blow away my taste buds and complement any meal.  This jewel from South America is a great steal and gives a touch of class to any wine cellar.






2010 Archaval Ferrer Quimera, Mendoza, Argentina, $38

This wine will blindside you.  It is a big, bold Bordeaux blend that is very fragrant, with a perception of sweetness but not like a dessert wine.  There’s a hint of terroir in its earthiness with a taste of mushrooms and dirt.  The aromatics will surprise you with lavender and thyme.  I also got a memory of rose petals like the ones we used to grow in our front yard.  I want to try this wine with lamb in the future. It is solid enough to hold up to the strong gamey flavors of lamb and has nice, soft tannins on the finish that are strong enough to combat any hearty meat dishes.

Argentina Malbec 90-point wine

90-point wine – High-altitude Malbec

This wine is a balanced Bordeaux-style blend of old vine Malbec (38%) from Medrano and from Luján de Cuyo, which are sub-appellations of Mendoza.  The Merlot (24%) and Cabernet Franc (14%) were grown in high-altitude Tupungato, whereas the old vine Cabernet Sauvignon (24%) was picked from Medrano and from Tupungato.  Winemaker Roberto Cipresso is also a partner at Achaval-Ferrer.

When I looked online for a store that sells this wine, none of them that carried it had it priced at $38, which is what I paid. So it still meets my criteria for selling for less than $50 but it just shows how good this wine.  It has appreciated in value only a few years removed from being bottled.  This retailer has it for $46 with free shipping.

91 Points –  Wine Advocate & Wine Enthusiast

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90-Point Wines under $50

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90-Point + Wines Priced under $50

Favorite 90-point plus Wines under $50Recently, I tasted some wonderfully, delicious 90-point plus wines that were given high ratings by the “Kings of Wine Ratings”, aka, the various wine publications and critics.  At the time, I didn’t realize these red wines were so well regarded.   Typically, I try to not let the scoring system taint my impression of a wine.  I’d prefer to taste the wine without any knowledge of scores but afterwards I may do a bit of research to see where I can buy more and/or what others are saying about it.  That was the case with the two wines discussed below.

As I state in my own wine rating system, I think it’s easy to find a great tasting, highly ranked wine that costs over $100.  However, to find a 90-point wines for half or a third that price, is truly something to write about.  That’s why these 90-point rated wines, all under $50 made the grade.  I am partial to California red wines mainly because I live here but also because they are easily accessible, can provide value (given the price of land) and are finely crafted.

Sept is California Wine MonthSeptember is California Wine Month.  If you have an opportunity, get out to some of the wonderful vineyards and wineries around our state.  These California wines below all taste exceptional, provide great balance with foods, and won’t wreck your budget.


Cadre Vineyards Pinot Noir2009 Cadre “The Architects” Pinot Noir, Edna Valley  $45

I love this wine.  The aromatics are wonderful with great spiciness.  On the first sip you get classic black cherry, followed by vanilla and red plum fruit.  This wine feels substantial in the mouth without giving off too much jamminess or alcohol.  As you continue to drink, you’ll find it becoming more complex with a beautiful,medium-bodied earthiness and soft, red-fruit finish.

Cadre is a great story and has some outstanding vineyards.  I particularly love Laetitia Vineyards and Bien Nacido has cultured an outstanding reputation for wines that have been produced from grapes grown in their various lots.

I completely concur with Wine Enthusiast Magazine on this wine.  And wow, what a bargain.  It’s very difficult to find a Pinot Noir that tastes awesome for less than $50.

93 Points – Wine Enthusiast

5/5 Stars – Fine Living Enthusiast


Click here to learn more about Fine Living Enthusiast’s Wine Rating System.


2009 Farrier Presshouse Red, Alexander Valley $24

0-point wines under $50This wine tastes like a big, bold California fruit bomb.  Besides the blackberry, I tasted vanilla, chocolate and cherry cola.  The hint of spiciness, along with the fruit makes me want to serve this wine at our backyard barbeque. This wine has good structure, no doubt coming from the Cabernet Sauvignon presence.

In addition, Farrier wines are sustainably farmed, meaning they are mindful of the environment and the impact viticulture has on the land and its surroundings.

90 Points – Wine & Spirits

5/5 Stars – Fine Living Enthusiast









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