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San Diego Happy Hours – Morton’s Steakhouse

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Happy Hours are the perfect way to try out the food and drinks at either an expensive restaurant for a lot less money or a restaurant that you may be interested in trying.  Almost all restaurants have a Happy Hour and Fine Living Enthusiast will be reviewing these spots and giving the skinny on the best and worst on what these restaurants have to offer.

Cocktails and Wine Morton's Steak House

Cocktails and Wine during Happy Hour at Morton’s Steak House

Our first review is on Morton’s Steakhouse.  We visited the Morton’s in the Gaslamp Quarter in downtown and across from the San Diego Convention Center.  Their hours for being happy are from 5:00 to 6:30.  Morton’s has a great atmosphere with a friendly and attentive staff.  The wines and cocktails were reasonably priced and had a good variety from which to choose.  We ordered the Cosmopolitan and a glass of Chardonnay.  The Cosmo wasn’t the best we’ve tasted, but it was good.  It was good and cold, with lovely ice crystals but the balance of sweet and alcohol was off a bit.  This imbalance made the drink bitter tasting.  However, we particularly enjoyed the Cabernet from BV wines.

Crab cakes at Morton's Steakhouse in San Diego

Crab cakes at Morton’s Steakhouse in San Diego

There are several items on the menu that were tempting and our waiter; Raul was knowledgeable in helping us make a few choices from the Bar Bites for $7. We order crab cakes whenever we see them on a menu.  So we had to try the Mini Crab Cake BLTs; and we asked Raul to exclude the silver dollar rolls because we wanted “just the crab and nothing but the crab”. They were packed with crab and had very little breading. We had two words to say about the crab cakes  at Morton’s “YUM ME”.

We also decided on the Prime Cheeseburgers and the Tenderloin Steak Tacos.  Although it took a while for our food to come out, it was worth the wait because it was all very delicious. The steak tacos were made with filet mignon and had a roasted tomato salsa and pico de gallo with avocados. In between the two tortillas was melted cheese “used as a glue” to hold the two tortillas together. Morton’s definitely gets the “Let’s do this again and bring friends vote!”