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The 10 Hottest Destinations

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Where are Travelers Headed in 2015?

Marlborough Sound, New Zealand

Marlborough Sound, New Zealand

What countries are experiencing the largest increase in tourists?  The list runs the gamut but New Zealand garnered the top spot with a 196% increase in booking for the upcoming year.  Its “Down Under” neighbor, Australia also landed a spot on the trendy list. According to a new study by Virtuoso, the 10 hottest destinations are as follows:



  1.  New Zealand
  2.  Chile
  3.  Indonesia
  4.  Hungary
  5.  Hong Kong
  6.  Croatia
  7.  Australia
  8.  Ecuador
  9.  Greece
  10.  Norway


Remarkable Croatian Falls

Remarkable Croatian Falls

As Demand Increases so Do Prices

Demand for travel is also expected to increase for 2015. This translates into higher prices. A report issued by the Global Business Travel Association expects to see an increase of at least 2.6% for hotel rates throughout Latin America. Hotel prices in North America and in Asia will see moderate gains. Not surprisingly, airfare is also expected to increase.

Visit Greece

Visit Greece

Consumer confidence is continuing to rise, which helps to drive demand for luxury items such as travel.  If you anticipate taking a vacation next year, then you should begin making travel arrangements now. You have a better chance of securing the best hotels by booking early, as well as saving on airfare.

Are any of these top choices on your travel wish list?  What are your travel plans for the 2015?

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