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Travel Update 9-15-15

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We want you to be in-the-know on what’s happening around the world in travel-related news so here’s the latest travel update.  Enjoy!


Travel Update for Airlines

Airlines Not Playing Nicely

Travel Update - Airlines

Travel Update – Airlines

Well the good ol’ days of airlines re-booking other carriers’ customers has ended today. Delta and American Airlines no longer have an interline ticketing and baggage agreement in place. This means travelers will not be able to enjoy the convenience of having these two carriers offer the option of re-booking on behalf of the other.


Can’t We All Just Get Along

It seems American was doing all the re-booking for Delta without the benefit of reciprocation.  So the parties over. Starting today, no flight segments operated by Delta and American on the same ticket. However, tickets purchased prior today, will still be honored.


United Wants to Entertain You

Well, they want you to be able to entertain yourself. So, they have initiated a new program called, “Flyer Friendly”, which includes FREE movies and popular TV shows, including HBO. By downloading the United app or by clicking the United.com website 24-hours prior to your flight, you’ll be able to determine what amenities are offered on your flight.


It’s About Damned Time

Who wants to be bored while flying cross country?  All you do is wonder how much closer you are to getting off the plane. Now, your time will fly by (pun intended) with streaming, from your own personal device of more than 125 movies, including children selections. Through their partnership with VEVO, music videos are also available too but unfortunately, there’s no room to bust a move. You’ll have to be content to just lip sync.

Don’t want to wait until your next flight? Then check out United Entertainment Choices now for a list of available movie titles.


But Wait, There’s More

Another reason to download the United app-it’s ability to navigation easier throughout the airport with better maps.  Passengers flying out of or connecting in one their hubs

  • Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles
  • New York/Newark, San Francisco and Washington

will also be able to take advantage of a new self-booking function, in case of a delay, flight cancellation or missed connection.  But I’m sure you’ll NEVER need this capability, right?! Apple IOS devices are available currently with an Android version to follow shortly.

New Club at SFO

Delta has redesigned their Sky Club at the San Francisco airport.  If this is how you role, then you’ll get to enjoy a lounge twice the size as the prior one. The 9,000 square feet upgrade is conveniently located behind the security-check point, allowing for easier gate access. Plus, there are plenty of extras to make the wait pleasurable while the back-of-the-plane stiffs jockey for a seat in the cattle-call lounge.  A self-service espresso machine, two shower suites, a nice selection of premium cocktail choices, as well as craft beers, Greek yogurt, morning bagels, hot soup and salads. Ah, the good life!


Travel Update – Health Concerns

Hand, Food & Mouth Disease Strikes Asia

Travelers heading to the Far East should be aware that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta is continuing a Level 1 Warning for travelers to Asia. The warning, issued earlier this year applies to Singapore and Japan. According to the World Health Organization, Singapore has reported approximately 18,000 cases of hand, food and mouth disease. Japan also has had a serious outbreak.

If you are traveling with small children, especially those under the age of 5, they are the most susceptible to contracting the disease. Another good reason to not take a long-haul flight with a child. What should you look for?  Symptoms include fever, mouth blisters as well as a rash.  At this time, there is no vaccine available so take precautions. the CDC advises the following common sense advise:


  1. Just like your mother told you, wash your hands often.
  2. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if good old soap and water aren’t available.
  3. Keep your hands off your sister, as well as your own face, particularly your eyes, nose and mouth.

This may be yet another great reason to purchase travel insurance prior to leaving home.


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