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10 Tips for Planning a Wine and Cheese Pairing Party

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Cheese Plate with Grapes

Wine and Cheese Platter with Fruits and Nuts

Looking for tips for hosting a wine and cheese party? With the summer winding down, getting together with friends becomes a bit more difficult. The holidays are still months away but that doesn’t mean you can’t host a fun Fall event with friends. So the answer is simple. Just host your own party.

One of the best ways to share quality time with family and friends is through food. But how do you host a party during these lean times? And yes, I realize that you are probably busy. Everyone loves to eat and if you don’t love to cook, having a wine and cheese pairing party is the perfect get together. So if you have been putting off hosting a party, you no longer have an excuse because this list of party planning tips will put your name near the top of everyone’s social calendar.

Hosting a wine and cheese pairing party is simple and can be a cost-effective way to host a party without blowing your budget.

1. Serve cheeses with differing textures. For example, serve a soft, hard and semi-hard cheese. Variety is the spice of life and it’s the same with cheese. It’s good to mix it up a bit.

2. Vary the size, shape and color of the cheeses. Also, provide a few cheeses with and without the rinds. The rinds are eatable so maybe by leaving them on, you may help introduce a guest or two to the joys of rinds. Cheeses for a cheese platter

3. Offer your guests at least one cheese from each animal source. Cheese produced by a cow, sheep or goat will taste differently and provide a unique experience for your guests to educate themselves a bit and hone their preferences.

4. Invest in a few quality cheese serving items. They won’t go to waste because it’ll be so much fun that you’ll host cheese pairing parties a few times a year. This investment will pay big dividends for years to come. These items are quite popular during the holidays so look for them to go on sale at places like Target, Costco, cheese shops and regional housewares stores like Crate and Barrel.

Cheese Knives Set in Case5. Knives – Your set should include at least three different styles:

a. Wide blade- For spreading

b. Knife-like blade – For creating ribbons and chards

c. Plane – To cut firm cheese into squares or wedges

Serving board – Select based on your personal preference

Slate Cheese Boarda. Marble – Retains temperature better

b. Wooden – Less expensive but can become costly depending on the wood

c. Slate – Can range from rustic to elegant depending on your style


For additional tips 6 – 10 on hosting a wine and cheese pairing party, look for my upcoming post.

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