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Take a Wine & Food Vacation

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At Fine Living Enthusiast, we specialize in helping travelers find the perfect vacation centered around their passion for wine and food.  We LOVE wine. We love talking about wine, reading about wine and of course drinking wine.  We knew there were others just like us so we decided to provide these wine lovers an opportunity to travel the world, drinking along with way.

Of course, what goes great with wine?  Great food.  So, why not combine the two on a wine and food vacation?  On a wine and food vacation you may find yourself drinking wine right from the aging barrel, visiting a quaint shop to sample the local delicacies or talking with the winemaker over a gourmet dinner.

Enjoying champagne in South Africa

A local woman serving a Cape sparkling wine in South Africa

Have you ever tasted Madeira?  High on the terraced, volcanic hills overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, in its ancestral home in the Canary Islands, I sipped Madeira and ate small bites.    You can do the same and we can help you get there.  That’s the best part of a wine and food vacation.

You get up close and personal with the your passions while on a magnificent wine and food vacation.   Whether you dream of exploring the Pinot Noir vineyards in Central Otago, New Zealand, sipping a South African sparkling wine after a day on a safari game drive, or taking a cooking class in Veneto that teaches you to prepare an authentic Italian dish, a wine and food vacation can make your dreams come true.

Match your vacation with your lifestyle on a wine and food vacation.

Eat and Drink Up!


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