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Top 5 Travel Apps

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Phone Travel Apps

Travel Apps

I’m not much of a techie, however I do like gadgets that improve the quality of my life. I really enjoy using travel apps. So with fall pretty much in full swing, people without school-age children are hitting the road and the air. I thought I should share some of the travel apps I’ve used that helped me navigate airports and TSA, as well as to get around a city. These are my top five travel apps:


Fine Dining at the Airport

Fine Dining at the Airport

1. Gate Guru – I’ve used this app a few times and it’s worked beautifully. Most recently, I’ve used it at Miami international Airport to locate a restaurant that had been recommended to me. I also used it in the Houston airport to find a restaurant that served good Texas barbecue. In addition, it helps you navigate unfamiliar airports and gives you information on dreaded checkpoint lines.




Few English-speakers outside Paris

2. Google Translate: I should’ve used this more on our trip to France. Contrary to rumor, the French were very nice. After addressing them in French, they would begin speaking to us in English. I think they appreciated the effort; and I suspect they couldn’t bear to hear me slaughter their language anymore. I should’ve used it on our visit to Epernay, but another French patron came to our rescue and translated our lunch order to our non-English speaking waitress. On the occasions I used it, the translation feature worked fine.

It’s supposed to translate up to 70 languages, so I know that is going to cover the majority of the countries of my top 50 destinations list, so hopefully it will do the same for you.


3. My TSA – This app is perfect for those who do not have TSA pre-check status. It’ll help you keep your stress levels down by allowing you to check airport status and wait times at security checkpoints. And for those who do not travel frequently, there is a quick-reference list of items you may bring in your carry-on luggage.


4. Wi-Fi Finder: This app is critical when traveling internationally. Unless you are traveling on business, data roaming charges are outrageous, which makes staying in contact with those back home expensive. This app helps you locate Wi-Fi hotspots near your location, which avoids data roaming charges.


5. Text+: I first heard about this app from a couple of friends who were traveling abroad. It allows you to send and receive texts for free. Provided you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can text family and friends back in the States at no charge, thereby avoiding your plan’s data roaming charges. Also, it’s a good way to check in with your children, grandchildren or other family members or stay in contact with your pet sitter.


These apps are available for IPhone and Android phones and tablets. I hope my top 5 travel apps work as well for you as they did for me.

So tell me. What are some of your favorite travel apps?



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