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Top 5 Travel Tips of Savvy Travelers

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Top Travel Tips for Savvy Travelers

Savvy travelers know the top travel tips to use to grab great deals and avoid the maddening crowds. Now, you can too.  You should use these travel tips to make your next vacation planning experience a lot smoother.

Travel Tip - Travel during Non-Peak Times

Travel Tip – Travel during Non-Peak Times

5. Travel During Off-Peak

Traveling on off-peak days of the week and off-peak times allows you to take advantage of better fares. You’ll also have a better chance of not fighting over the armrest with fewer people on the planes. You may even get to snag a great seat typically reserved for elite-status airline members only.

Plan your weekend getaway for a Thursday through Sunday or Friday through Monday. You can spend the added flight savings on fun activities and dinners out in the city you are visiting.

4. Vacation during Shoulder Season

When planning a vacation to the Caribbean, Bali or Hawaii, avoid peak travel season. Also, keep in mind snowbirds will be trying to escape their frozen tundra hometowns, making reservations harder and more expensive to come by. A good travel agent will help you plan your vacation during non-peak travel times.

Travel Tip - Avoid Foreign Travelers' Peak Travel Seasons

Travel Tip – Avoid Foreign Travelers’ Peak Travel Seasons

We took a Caribbean cruise during the first two weeks of December. The following week, the same two-week cruise cost twice as much.

Savvy travelers consider the travel patterns of foreigners. Japanese, German, Canadian and British tourists travel extensively and may be driving up rates during certain months.  Also, if you don’t have school-age children, then avoid summer and school breaks, especially Spring break.


3. Get Email Notifications

Pick a few airlines and hotel brands you like, then join their loyalty membership programs. If you have traveled on a certain airline or stayed at a hotel chain, then you’re already ahead of the game. Simply, sign up for email notifications from these companies. You should do this about eight months out from your departure date.

If you want to keep these emails separate from your others, set up a unique email account just for these offers.

Travel Tip - Snag Luxury Accommodations by Going Direct

Travel Tip – Snag Luxury Accommodations by Going Direct

2. Travel Mid-day

Schedule your flights during the middle of the day. First, you’ll avoid the morning rush. Secondly, you’ll get to spend a bit more time enjoying your vacation. Photographers love taking pictures during the early morning hours. Heading out for a quick photo shoot before leaving for the airport may give you an opportunity to capture those final vacation memories.


 1. Go Directly to the Source

Rates vary wildly at hotels, especially at luxury properties. In January, we traveled to Las Vegas.  A major technology conference was in town through Thursday. When planning the getaway, I called our desired hotel, the Wynn, inquiring about rates.  The rack rate was starting at $625 per night through Thursday. So, on Thursday night, we stayed at a hotel a block off The Strip, then moved to The Wynn from Friday through Monday at an average nightly rate of $325 per night, a savings of almost 50%.

In addition, you can call the hotel manager and ask for the seasons or months that will have lower occupancy rates, with the idea of landing a deal during these slow times. You may also increase your odds of scoring a room upgrade.


Source: Conde Nast Traveler

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