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Travel Safety in Dangerous Countries

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Safety Essentials for Travel to Dangerous Regions

Terrorism Presents a Danger to Travelers

Terrorism Incidents Creates Unpredictable to Travelers

If you travel frequently enough, you are bound to have situations arise that may be alarming. The world is not always a safe place; and some parts are downright dangerous. Extreme examples include political protests, terrorist attacks and violent clashes between police and demonstrators. In some countries, danger can be all too common.

  • In many European cities such as Italy and Spain, tourists are frequent targets for pickpockets and muggings.
  • In countries that border the Mediterranean, for example France or Greece, certain races, religions and ethnic groups have been victims of personal assaults.
  • In parts of the Caribbean, especially Jamaica, as well as many countries in West Africa, people who are perceived to be gay, lesbian or transgendered have been attacked or killed.
  • In the Middle East, gender-based violence is not uncommon.

    Gay Couples Must use Caution

    Gay Couples Beware

North America is not without its own safety issues.

  • Travelers in the United Sates fall victim to unethical taxi drivers, random drive-by shootings or general acts of armed robbery and theft.
  • You may get caught in the crossfire a drug war or be exposed to kidnapping or theft in Mexico and throughout Central America.

So what is a traveler to do?

Whether you are traveling to European cities, the Middle East, Africa or metropolitan areas in North America, you should use good judgment, common sense and become informed.

When I as in Paris, I really wanted to go to a jazz club. So we got dressed and took the metro, transferring once.  When we arrived at the metro stop, we exited the subway only to discover that the neighborhood was fairly deserted and quite rundown. It was late at night and the walk to the jazz club was about half a mile. After assessing the situation, we decided it wasn’t worth the risk. We regrettably, re-entered the metro station and headed back to our apartment.

Think about Your Safety

Think about Your Safety when Traveling

Some friends had booked a Nile cruise that was scheduled to depart during the height of the violent clashes and riots in Egypt. They did some research, discussed the risks and then reached a conclusion that they would go on the cruise. When they embarked on the cruise, they pretty much had the run of the ship. Approximately, 70% of the other passengers had decided to cancel.

My brother’s friend Bob was scheduled to leave on vacation to Asia several years ago. However, after watching news stories of political unrest and kidnappings, he decided to cancel his trip.

These situations show that everyone is different; so you have to do what is right for you, your family and travel companions.  In part 2 of this 3 part series, I’ll outline some emergency situations you may find yourself in when you travel abroad.



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