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Travel Safety when Overseas

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Safety Essentials when Traveling Abroad

This is the second part of the three-part series on travel safety when you go abroad.

Danger can Happen Quickly

Unexpected Dangers when Traveling

You’re probably thinking that you just won’t go to any of country that is unsafe or has a questionable political situation.  Then, you won’t have to worry about your safety concerns. You can just go about your day as though you  were in your home city.  It’s not anything you’d ever have to worry over.  besides, travelers would not deliberately place themselves in harms way, right? Well, perhaps they don’t have a choice. Travel safety is a serious matter. A disturbance could happen anytime, anywhere.

Here are some likely situations that could result in you traveling to a dangerous region, unintentionally.

  • You may work for a multi-national corporation with offices located around the world. Your boss has asked you to take a business trip overseas. You arrive in the country and head to the facility. However, your driver has informed you that striking workers have blocked the bridge that takes you to your company’s plant.  It’s the only route.  Tensions have risen to the point that police have been called and then violent demonstrations break out. So now you are unable to get to this international office to work.
  • Tensions Rise

    Government Instability

    You have decided to take a vacation to an emerging country. You may be seeking an off-the-beaten path vacation or engaging in volunteer work. While you are visiting, an unexpected event happens that puts you smack dab in the middle of the chaos. You wanted an adventure but rebels in the streets shooting machine guns was not on the list.

  • An uprising could cause travel delays

    An Uprising Could Endanger You

    You are vacationing in a lovely, quiet destination, and then an international incident occurs in another part of the world. Worldwide, airports shift into attack mode, increasing their alert procedures. As a result, flight delays and cancellations cause havoc with international travel; the authorities cancel events at large venues, and curfews are instituted. So much for your peaceful getaway.

  • You teach English in a foreign country. You love the work but begin to notice a change in attitude toward you from many locals when you walk about. You’re not sure what has changed but there is a noticeable anti-American sentiment of late. You start feeling a bit leery when going out to the markets and shops so you ask your native friends to go with you whenever you leave your apartment.

In the last of our 3-part series, I’ll share safety tips that can help you manage if a dangerous situation arises when you are traveling.

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