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Travel Updates

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Travel Updates for July 15th

The following information is shared to help you with making travel plans, as well as steps you should take if you have already booked your vacation or business trip.  Here are the latest travel updates:


Riots in Greece
Rioting in the Streets of Greece

Rioting in the Streets of Greece

Police and Greece protestors clash as the parliament meets to determine if the European Union (EU) deal is acceptable to keep Greece in the Euro system.  The citizens voted “no” two weeks ago that they were okay to leave the EU and return to their homeland currency, the drachma.


Travel Warning for Kenya

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit scheduled for July 24-26 has caused concerns that terrorist may use this opportunity wage violent acts. The US Dept. of State has issued a warning this meeting could offer terrorists a venue to engage in kidnappings, car bombings or attacks at airports and ports. There are no known threats, but travelers should use heightened caution and be aware.


Delta Changes SkyMiles Program

Here are some the changes:

  1. A dynamic-award system that changes based on destination, demand and any other factor it deems.
  2. Domestic flights could earn an award with a few as 10,000, a reduction from the previous 12,500 level.
  3. Travel within California would cost 5,000 each way.
  4. Travelers will have a harder time ascertaining how many miles are needed to a particular flight segment.


Frontier Airlines

No-frills carrier Frontier is installing middle seats that have a full-inch wider that aisle and window seats. Frontier is also jamming more seats into each plane, giving each of its customers even less room. Its Airbus A320s and A319s will each add another 12 seats. This brings the total number of seats in an A320 up to 180, a full 30 seats more than United puts on the same aircraft. for more updates on changes, please See the full Frontier article.

Source: USA Today


Cuba Travel

The year 2015 is shaping up to be a record-breaker for Cuba in terms of tourism numbers and is expected to top the 3-million mark reached in 2014, which set a record. According to a release from the Ministry of Tourism, two million tourists visited Cuba between Jan. 1 and July 10 this year.

If you want to visit Cuba, we have tour operators who offer travel based on the US People-to-People program. Call us or check out our Cuba tour.

Source: Travel Weekly

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