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USAirways Says “So Long”

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USAirways Merger Completed

USAirways & American Merger Completed

USAirways & American Merger Completed

The merger between USAirways and American Airlines has been completed. On Oct. 16, 2015 USAirways will cease to exist.

To recognize the soon-to-be-defunct company’s founding year, historic flight US1939, will depart from Philadelphia at 10:05 a.m., making stops in Charlotte, Phoenix and San Francisco. Then, it will depart SFO at 9:55 p.m., marking the last flight to operate under the brand USAirways.

 Travel Tips

If you are flying out the weekend of Oct 16th, your flight will be under American Airlines.¬† Things will probably be a little shaky during the next few weeks. Here’s some advice to help you during this transitional period.

  • Arrive at the airport early.
  • Have patience – Many employees will be using a new, unfamiliar system.
  • Verify your terminal. It may have changed if USAirways and AA had been using terminals in different locations.
  • Check, then re-check your gate. Access to certain gates may have changed as a result of the merger.
  • Check in on line whenever possible to minimize waiting in long lines.
  • If checking your bags, pay your fee on line to reduce long waits at the kiosk or counter.

To USAirways, so long and thanks for the memories!

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