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Enjoy a Music Festival

Music Festivals


Do You Wanna Jam?

Attending music festivals is a great way to experience live music. Music festivals are typically held in the summer and fall. Pack your bags and hit the road to Montreal, Florida, Los Angeles, Catalina, Swizterland, Italy or a host of other great vacation destinations. At a multi-day festival, you’ll be able to select a concert series featuring your favorite bands, as well as get introduced to new artists.

An alternative to attending music festivals that are hosted in a particular city is to take a music-themed cruise. A music-themed cruise is a specialty cruise where you will have the chance to travel to various ports of call during the day, while listening to live music performances at night. You don’t have to worry about transportation to/from the concert since the ship theater will be hosting all performances. Most music cruises are a full-ship, adult-only charters, meaning everyone on board loves the same music as you and there are no children to babysit or have interfere with your good time. You’ll make new friends and have an opportunity to meet the artist as they will be sailing with you during your 5- or 7-day cruise. Whether you are a jazz, blues, rock, country or old school music fan, then there’s probably a music cruise that will allow you to enjoy these passions while on vacation.

Here are some music festivals that will be happening around the USA and other countries.

Music Festivals

Click on this MicroSoft Word document for a listing of upcoming music festivals across the globe. The list also includes a list of events that have occurred earlier in the year.  Music Festivals Calendar