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Wine & Spirits Festivals


Wine Festivals
Wine enthusiast and novices alike will have a fabulous time at a wine festival. Many times the person pouring the wines is the winemaker so you get a chance to talk to him or her. You also get an opportunity to try wines that may be outside of your wine budget. In addition, some wineries have limited distribution so you will not be able to find their wines in your local area so a wine festival may be the only chance you have to sample them.


Spirits Festivals

A spirits festival offers access to a host of bourbons, Scotch, and whiskeys from America, Ireland, Scotland and Japan. You will undoubtedly come away with a few new favorites that you’ll have to add to your shelf back home.


Wine Festivals

A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world.  Louis Pasteur

Attached is a MicroSoft Word document with a listing of upcoming wine and spirits festivals across the United States. The list also includes a list of events that have occurred earlier in the year.

Wine and Spirits Festivals